About the Game

Overview of the Game of Bowls

Bowls is truly the sport for all – all ages, all sexes and all abilities. You can start at any age in life, but the sooner you start the more you are going to enjoy the game. It doesn’t take long to learn the basics and there are a substantial number of our members who are more than happy to teach and coach new members in our sport. You can learn the game in minutes, however, to master it requires practice and joining a club is the best way to achieve it.

In relation to a lot of other sports it is relatively cheap to play. All that is required to play are; a pair of flat soled shoes and the loan of a set of bowls. Greystones Bowling Club has a reduced membership fee for beginners in their first year in the club. The club has sets of bowls that members can borrow for a short period until they decide on the type that suits them best.

Bowls can be played by anyone, socially or competitively, individually or as part of a team. Give it a try by contacting us, you won’t regret it.